Romeo Crennel may not have a choice once this season's over, as his seat gets hotter and hotter each week. Despite the fact that Indy defenders were dropping like flies in this one, Derek Anderson couldn't get anything going for the Browns. His fumble in the 3rd, which the Colts returned for a touchdown, was the difference here. Indianapolis 10, Cleveland 6, final. In other games:

Carolina at Green Bay: Don't look now, but Aaron Rodgers has brought the Pack all the way back. TDs to each of Donald Driver, Donald Lee and Greg "Donald" Jennings even put Green Bay up by a touchdown. DeAngelo Williams answered with his third touchdown of the game, and this one is shaping up for a really nice finish. 28-28 in the fourth.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: Another tight one here. Garrett Hartley's 47-yard field goal has tied this one at 20.

Giants at Washington: The Giants are the class of the NFL, and they are showing it, handling Washington 23-7 late in the fourth. With not much happening in the game, we are getting a steady dose of Plax talk. For instance, Darryl Johnston doesn't like the way he speaks in the third person. And Tony Siragusa doesn't like the fact that they still won't let him sit in the booth.

Baltimore at Cincinnati: Nice day for Baltimore's Mark Clayton: 164 yards receiving, an amazing receiving touchdown, and a throwing touchdown to boot. But I'd like to see him do that against a professional football team. 34-3, Baltimore over Cincinnati.


San Francisco at Buffalo: Since Buffalo refuses to do anything in this one, we once again turn to the San Francisco sideline for excitement. Mike Singletary and Vernon Davis had another little tiff, albeit a minor one. Somebody get those two a sitcom. And so much for that stupid "West Coast Teams Can't Win Going East" streak.

Miami at St. Louis: 16-12 Dolphins in the fourth. Though it's unlikely they are getting into the playoffs, it's still been quite a turnaround for Miami this year. And the team's fans have responded. For example, the most popular name for newborns in Miami during the month of October? Wildcat.