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I am not much of a prude, and neither I guess is Andy Roddick, as he enjoys his wife exhibited to the max in glossy mags.

Still, why not, because, what the hell, it's 9/11 and we should all be having as much fun as we can before the next 9/11. Let's eat some pizza and get our tops off and stuff.


But.... I'm not so sure I would feel great if I were Andy Roddick and my ladyfriend was like, "Yes, I will go tits-out in GQ. I mean, sure, she has been putting it out there in SI for a while ("a while" being years and years, even though she is only 22), but sooner or later I'd be like, "You know, hon, I make plenty of money, why don't we keep the girls inside for a while?" Or maybe straight men are different? After all we are mammals. Maybe for straight guys, it's like, "DUDE, LOOK AT WHAT I SHOWER WITH." Can this be esplained to me please.

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