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Does Mike Winters Look Like He's Kidding?

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No, umpire Mike Winters was not fucking kidding you when he punched Matt Kemp out on strikes on Saturday and if you think he's fucking kidding you, then you're the one who is fucking kidding yourself.

Poor Dick Stockton had to apologize on Winters' behalf when Fox's TV mics caught the major league ump responding to Kemp's disbelief of the strike zone with some rather harsh words. The idea that gentlemen on the sporting field would address each other so crassly is surely shocking and disturbing, but if you don't like it perhaps you should go fuck yourself. Kidding! (Not really.)

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Winters, as you probably don't recall, was suspended in 2007 after a dustup with Milton Bradley, during which Bradley hurt his knee. Bradley claimed Winters called him a "fucking piece of shit" who should "shut the fuck up and play the game" and Bradley then tore up his ACL trying to attack him. So it seems Winters has a bit of a potty mouth. And that fucking pisses me off.


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