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Does This Mean No Halftime Show?

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And suddenly, "Malice at the Palace" seems so childishly innocent. Several police officers and fans were injured Wednesday during a huge brawl at a Serbian professional basketball game, as rival fans went at it before tipoff. The Serbs; they know how to party.

About 100 Partizan fans and a few dozen PAOK supporters fought several hundred Red Star fans in the stands and on the court at the Pionir Sports Hall in the Serbian capital. Fans also tossed flares and plastic seats.


Two things that are absolutely great about this. First, after all of this they actually ended up playing the game. And second, notice the guy in the photo above, in the middle in the black t-shirt? As pandemonium rages all around, he's looking for his seat after returning from the snack bar. Bet he didn't even spill his family sized Dr. Pepper.

Six injured in wild basketball brawl in Serbia [MSNBC]

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