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We don't see how this was any different than the Fouth of July barbeque at Warren Sapp's house, but everyone's making a big deal out of it. We kid, of course; you know how much we love the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest. Takeru Kobayashi of Japan ate 53 3/4 hot dogs in 12 minutes to win the title on Tuesday for the sixth consecutive year, though controversy stalked the competition this time, as Kobayashi at one point seemd to regurgitate a portion of his meal, drawing muffled howls of protest from second-place finisher Joey Chestnut of San Jose, Calif. It all resulted in the following quote from official judge Gersh Kuntzman, which may be the finest quote anytime, anywhere:

The effluvia never touched the table. When the hot dog came up, and some of it came out his nose, Kobayashi sucked it back down. To me, that's the testament of a champion and great athlete.

Meanwhile, we have no idea why no one is pursuing the steroids angle. Just look at the following photos of Kobayashi in 2004, and Kobayashi yesterday.

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