And they said this day would never come. Whatever feud may or may not have (allegedly) existed between Rick Reilly and the Sports Fella, it appears that rivalry has now been extinguished.

Yes, as many readers have breathlessly emailed us about, the Reilly B.S. Report is now online. The 46 minute conversation pretty much covers everything the two could possibly talk about and Simmons goes out of his way to play up the occasion because Reilly, as you may know, is a colleague he was "allegedly feuding with" for quite some time. But like when Hulk Hogan embraced The Ultimate Warrior in the ring, or when Naomi Campbell appeared on Tyra Banks' talk show, this is one of those quasi-pop culture moments that immediately makes both parties 53% less interesting now that they've (allegedly) called a truce. There were no real fireworks or a-ha! moments — it was just two guys talking about their careers, sports, their approaches to writing (Reilly's more of a "polish and tighten" guy, if you didn't know that), and never came close to veering into anything argumentative.

So what does this mean? For both of them to insist that there were no thinly veiled jabs done at each others expense since Reilly joined the WWL is a little dishonest. (Especially on the part of Simmons.) If there was one thorny issue discussed in this whole segment it was during one exchange when Simmons asks Reilly who was the most famous person he got to spend the day with. Reilly says "Obama," which Simmons quickly dismisses as "not what he was talking about" and moves the story along to let Reilly tell a Tiger Woods anecdote he's probably told no less than 10,000 times in his life. It's long been (conspiracy) theorized — and verified, on some level — that Obama being cut from The B.S. Report, only to later show up in a Reilly column, was where a lot of this Simmons/Reilly/Podcast melodrama took root.

I'm still skeptical about all of this chumminess. This seems more likely done for the sake of good publicity. You know, kind of like when Elton John held up Eminem's hand during the Grammy awards to keep the angry gay rights advocates from yelling so much.


Enjoy the silence, you two.

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