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Dolan And Isiah Are BFF, Got It?

So to get you up to speed, Chikezie is out on American Idol, but Isiah Thomas has avoided elimination with the Knicks. Of course it doesn't seem fair, but that's the world we live in. According to the New York Daily News, owner James Dolan and Thomas are inseparable pals, like Crockett and Tubbs on Miami Vice. However, Dolan is also saying that the next Director of Basketball Operations — let's assume it's going to be Donnie Walsh — is free to fire Isiah if he chooses. My guess is that the decision will be, "Yes, please."

The New York Daily News, citing an unnamed source, reported Thursday that owner James Dolan prefers to keep Thomas on the sideline, though he won't stop his next executive from making a change. "There isn't a basketball executive alive who would keep Isiah as head coach, but Jim is telling whoever he interviews, 'I would prefer to keep Isiah but you do what you have to do,'" the source close to Dolan told the Daily News. "If Isiah isn't the coach, Jim still wants him to stay in the organization in some capacity."


I can't imagine anyone taking that job and agreeing to Isiah weighing him down for his first season. So if Isiah is out, then what? Would he even want to hang around the organization? Well, Bob Knight is probably tired of his rather lifeless ESPN gig by now, so Isiah could step in at the WWL next year, stop ruining the Knicks, and still be ours to enjoy. Everyone wins!

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