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Dolphins Line Kept A "Fine Book"; Incognito Tried To Destroy Evidence

At the start of the 2013 season, the Dolphins' offensive line started a fine system, under which team members would owe money to the group for a variety of offenses, like farting, or not giving enough effort. Jonathan Martin's offenses include "$100, pussy,""$100, pussy," "$100, pussy," "$100, pussy," and "$1,000,000.00, pussy." Incognito's? "$200, Breaking Jmart."

On the surface, the fine book is just a fun, dumb way for rich teammates to give each other shit. At the end of the year, all of the fines, totaling $35,000, were supposed to go toward a vacation at the end of the year for the whole line. A burn book with a prize at the end, basically. But in the context of this particular locker room, you can see how things could take a left turn.


For example, the report notes that Nate Garner was one of the guys getting ripped the hardest, which can go in a lot of different directions, but the texts Incognito sent to teammates suggest the guy wasn't taking it well:

"Nate is on the verge of killing us all." When asked to elaborate, Incognito explained: "Since we cut [another player] we have been non stop on nate. Even turner is in on it. He looks like he's about to cry 24/7."

On the day Martin left the team, Incognito gave himself the "Breaking Jmart" penalty, and gave Garner a $250 bonus for "not cracking first."


The largest fine on book was a $10,000 fine assessed to Martin for not attending a trip to Las Vegas. (This has previously been reported as a $15,000 payment.) He initially declined to pay up, but it was brought up repeatedly. Incognito and Pouncey—who comes off, throughout the report, pretty much as badly as anyone—both said that they were "obviously" joking and never expected Martin to pay, but Martin says he was felt compelled. Eventually, he paid Tyson Clabo, the OL's "treasurer," by check.

On Nov. 3, Incognito sent texts to Mike Pouncey and Nate Garner in which he asked them to destroy the book, saying, "They're going to suspend me. Please destroy the fine book first thing in the morning." They didn't. Incognito later told investigators that he wanted the book destroyed because he thought it would be misunderstood. That's like saying a confession note is being taken out of context.

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