Don Cherry Hates Americans, American Colleges And Brian Burke

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On the most recent episode of Don Cherry's personal megaphone, Coach's Corner, the flamboyant Cherry addressed some concerns he had about Brian Burke's recent dismissal of Maple Leafs' coach Ron Wilson.

"Here's what kills me - Burke goes to my bosses and says I'm a bad guy and I said something ‘vicious' about his coach," said Cherry. "Two weeks later he fires him. Figure that one out folks."

Cherry also decided to tear into Burke for his failure to have even one player from Ontario on the team.

"If you want Americans, you got the team. It's the only organization in Canada that cheers when Canada loses and it's an absolute shame.

"There's 40,000 kids in the GTHL ... (Tyler) Seguin, (Jeff) Skinner, (Jason) Spezza - they all come from the GTHL. This guy (Burke) has none. He has all Americans, he has American college guys who play for him right now and I could go on and on."


Finally, in a move that perfectly encapsulates Cherry's aggressively nonsensical personality, he challenged Burke to—I think—try to take his job again. He recalls a conversation that may or may not have happened back when Burke tried to get rid of him behind his back years ago. "You want to take me on? ‘Oh Brian Burke, I'm shaking in my boots.'" This all segues perfectly into a sneak peak of the Cherry biopic, "The Wrath of Grapes."

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