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Don King Embroiled In Knockdown Court Battle With Puerto Rican Taco Stand

Having tired of fighting Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis in court, Don King has set his sights on a new opponent – Delia Esquilín-Mendoza, the owner of a taco shop in Puerto Rico. On March 1 2003, Delia's Tacos intercepted a closed-circuit transmission of the Roy Jones Jr.- Jon Ruiz fight and deprived King of roughly zero taco lovers who would have actually paid money to watch the bout. Don King Productions went after Delia in court and won $12,000 in damages. When Delia failed to pay up, DKP had a U.S. Marshal seize her 1995 Toyota 4 Runner.

But Delia is fighting back. She managed to get the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico to vacate the judgment on a technicality. But DKP refused to return her vehicle. So Delia then sued for approximately $1 million for "deprivation of the vehicle, extreme mental anguish and depression resulting from public humiliation, injury to her public dignity, and stress, which exacerbated her heart problems."


The court, which has jurisdiction over issues in which at least $75,000 is involved, tossed out Delia's suit after determining that a rental car would only have cost her $22,500. But that doesn't mean she can't sue in another court. Can we watch this fight on pay-per-view?

Esquilín-Mendoza et. al. vs. Don King Productions, Inc.[United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit]

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