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Donald Driver Surprises Old Lady Who Is His Biggest Fan

Being snobby East Coast elites, we've never understood the people of Wisconsin and their Packers. I guess the public owns the team, so that's something. Even so: These folks love the Packers even more than the team's shared ownership would dictate. The people consider every last Packer a beautiful soul, an angel descended to the frozen tundra. Especially Donald Driver. He was the local face of Time Warner Cable and McDonald's. He somehow landed on Dancing With the Stars. And he has, as his biggest fan, this lady, 78-year-old Angie LeRoy of Bellevue, Wis. She had struggled trying to find tickets for Driver's retirement ceremony, and the local Fox TV station aired her story.

Not only did she eventually find tickets, well, just watch:


Yeah, this lady still has her Christmas decorations up in February. Bless her.

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