Thanks to Christmas Ape for this screengrab of Donovan McNabb strutting his stuff on the sideline in his favorite oversized mittens. So far they don't seem to be working because the Eagles haven't been able to get it downfield, and the quarterback has thrown an interception. Philly and Baltimore are locked in a scoreless tie, so hopefully somebody explained the overtime rules for everyone's benefit. Continue after the jump for updates on some of these early games. • Jets 7 - 0 Titans: Brett Favre led New York down the field on the opening drive before capping things off with a screen pass that Thomas Jones took into the endzone. Favre has been nearly perfect while the fellow former substance abuser opposite him has struggled to find a rhythm for Tennessee. • Vikings 17 - 10 Jaguars : Gus Frerotte has completed one pass for five yards and Minnesota fans couldn't be happier (unless they happen to be stuck at work like Drew). it's been all defense and special teams for the Vikings, along with a rushing touchdown from Chester Taylor. The other two touchdowns have come on fumble recoveries/returns by Napoleon Harris and Dontarrius Thomas. Jacksonville has begun to move the ball a bit on the Vikings defense, so Minnesota's offense will have to start doing something before what's left of their lead disappears. • Bears 14 - 0 Rams: Chicago's pass rush has already knocked Marc Bulger out of the game, and now they'll have plenty of chances to tee off on Trent Green. Meanwhile Kyle Orton, the one quarterback who isn't overly concussed (allegedly), is carving up the St. Louis defense. Matt Forte and Jason McKie have registered the touchdowns. • Patriots 10 - 7 Dolphins: They're playing a really physical game down in Miami, and both teams are playing pretty well. Chad Pennington tossed a touchdown pass to Greg Camarillo before Matt Cassell rushed one in for New England. • Lions 17 - 7 Buccaneers: The Lions might be the best first quarter team in the history of football. Fortunately for everyone else, they are god fucking awful the rest of the time. They jumped out 17-0 before giving up a score to Warrick Dunn. Let the collapse begin! • Cowboys 9 - 6 49ers: TO has found the endzone and DeMarcus Ware is making Shaun Hill fucking miserable. After his latest sack Dallas blocked a punt out the back of San Francisco's endzone for a safety. • Texans 10 - 0 BrownsChiefs 14 - 10 Bills