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Don't Dribble Near Kawhi Leonard

Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard had himself a game last night, pacing his sluggish team to a win over the Clippers with 26 points, 10 rebounds, and three steals. Using his crazy-long arms and massive hands to snatch balls away from hapless dribblers has been Leonard's signature move since entering the league, and those long limbs of his served him well once again last night.

The Clippers were up by one with just under two minutes remaining in the game when Blake Griffin attempted to go to work in the post. Leonard blitzed Griffin right as he made his move toward the basket, poking the ball away and finishing a fast-break layup at the other end.


A few possessions later, with the Clippers down by three and just under a minute to play, Chris Paul casually handled the ball at what he probably thought was a safe distance from Leonard. Paul was mistaken:

Leonard would get the assist on a Manu Ginobili bucket on the very next possession, and the Spurs would go on to win 89-85. Let this be a lesson to the rest of the NBA: if you want to win, keep the ball the hell away from Kawhi Leonard.

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