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Don't Even THINK About It, Brett

You know, this is gonna come as a shock to you — and we do hope you are sitting down — but apparently Brett Favre (seriously!) turns out (you ready?) to be (here it comes!) thinking of unretiring. We know, right?!

Apparently, Favre's agent is asking around to teams other than the Packers.

According to NFL sources, Favre's agent has quietly inquired with teams about their interest in trading for the three-time NFL most valuable player. The sources did not indicate whether Favre knew of the inquiries.

Favre, 38, has yet to give written notice of his retirement to the league or players' union, although that's neither required nor irrevocable. It's also not uncommon for players to delay in doing so, particularly if they are not in immediate need of their pension money.


Peter King, for the record, made it clear in this week's SI that Favre isn't coming back. But that could just be self-denial.

We have zero doubt we will be writing this exact same post in four years.

Brett Favre Retired? Maybe Not [Los Angeles Times]

UPDATE: Favre wants to make it clear that he's not coming back. Guess whom he called.

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