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Don't Expect An Italian Soccer Update Today

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You may have noticed the lack of Italian soccer in the "Viewing Pleasure" feature today (though I have my doubts). There's not going to be any Italian soccer played this weekend, or for a while ... but that'll happen when fans riot, about 100 people are injured, and a cop is killed at a soccer game.


The riot took place outside of the Palermo vs. Catania game on Friday (Palermo won 2-1, hell yeah). They stopped play inside while police tried to contain a large group of insane Italians outside. A police officer in his car was struck in the face with a small explosive, and the injuries sustained proved to be fatal.

"The decision to block the championships was immediate," [Federation commissioner Luca] Pancalli said in a news conference after the meeting. "We cannot continue like this. What we're witnessing has nothing to do with soccer, therefore Italian soccer is stopping."


It's like a couple of kids with a cool new toy ... but all they can do is beat each other in the face with it, so you have to take it away. I'm expecting those bocce riots to start soon.

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