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Don't Forget About The Sex Cruise!

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While the rest of us sully our filthy little minds with stories of lesbian cheerleaders, The Mighty MJD is keeping his eyes on the prize of the whole Vikings sex boat story. (How quickly we forget ...)


Anyway, turns out that a Minnesota TV station discovered that Vikings Mewelde Moore and Bryant McKinnie admitted to dumping a load of garbage that contained (deep breath) "food, beer, champagne bottles, fireworks, disposable camera boxes, hollowed out Swisher Sweets, something that looks like a marijuana bud, sexual and feminine hygiene products and Victoria's Secret underwear." McKinnie claims they're from a birthday party, apparently one for Rue McClanahan.

Another tidbit: "Courtesan" Ayana Angel says she was invited to the boat party but couldn't make it. "I really was legitimately going to go," Angel says. "Actually, I didn't go because they had a similar situation here with some other football players. But it's something they do every year."


Props to the Mighty MJD for reminding us once again, that no matter how many lesbian cheerleaders play find the finger in Tampa bars, it's downright tough to beat the Vikings sex boat story. It really is. We feel almost guilty for having our attentions diverted.

Some New Details On Naughty Nautical Misadventures [The Mighty MJD]

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