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Yesterday, scrappy Presbyterian College from Clinton, South Carolina waddled into the Dean Dome to get predictably stomped by the Tar Heels. That still didn't stop coach Roy Williams from tossing a Blue Hose fan for...yelling at his team during free-throws.

During the post-game press conference, Williams puts on his best shit-kicker car salesman smile and explains to reporters that he had the fan removed because he doesn't think that "anybody should yell anything negative at our players. Period." One reporter continued to probe about what the fan said — "was it vulgar?" — but Roy just summarily disposed of the question and threatened to end the presser if there were anymore questions about it.


According to one reader, the disruptive Presbyterian fan yelled — brace yourselves — "Don't miss, Deon!" when Deon Thompson was at the free-throw line. As you can tell from the video, the fan wasn't pantsless or anything like that and appears rightfully confused when two smokeys start yanking him out of the aisle.

Go ahead, Dukies. Unload.

Roy has fan escorted out during game against Presbyterian [WRAL Sports]

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