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Don't Tell Rodney Harrison, But Rob Gronkowski Posed For A Photo Last Night With Kobe

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What we're watching (all times EST, unless noted): Iona at Loyola (Md.)(ESPNU) in men's college basketball at 7. Anaheim at Detroit (NHL Network) in NHL hockey at 7. Boston College at Vermont (NBCSN) in men's college hockey at 7:30. Los Angeles Lakers at New York (ESPN) in NBA basketball at 8. Green Bay at Wright State (EPSNU) in men's college basketball at 9. Minnesota at Denver (NBCSN) in men's college hockey at 10. Oklahoma City at Utah (ESPN) in NBA basketball at 10:30.

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Jeremy before the Linsanity: "What, then, do you do with Jeremy Lin? Through no fault of his own, Lin stands at a bombed-out intersection of expected narratives, bodies, perceived genes, the Church, the vocabulary of destinations and YouTube. The Son-at-Harvard of a computer programmer from Palo Alto by way of Taiwan, Jeremy Lin is the metanarrative, and yet, without having done anything but dunk a basketball, his unwitting doppelganger waves a flag on the other side. If basketball doesn't work out, Lin has said he would like to become a pastor, citing his family's long-time devotion to the church. But in the spray-shot saloon of professional athletes and public assumptions, no place is more sinful than his first career choice: the NBA. Of course, it doesn't even need to be said that none of these things, are, in fact, contradictory, but Lin's story has already been taken over by writers, bloggers and fans who feel the need to distort, tweak and primp him up into a perfect metaphor." [FreeDarko]

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Feb 10, 2010: When Drew Brees Went To Lucy's



Please help Miles Plumlee find his orthotic:


The origins of ESPN's "dislike female commentators" complaint: "Those fans, after all, inspired ESPN's complain-here-about-women dropdown in the first place. The network's Pam Ward in 2002 became a regular play-by-play announcer for Big Ten matchups. USA Today at the time called it a 'pioneering' move. Big Ten zealots, however, called it something far different. Far more frequently, too, via complaints registered on the ESPN site. So frequently, in fact, that someone at ESPN felt the need a decade ago to break out all the slams against Pam Ward into their own virtual hive. The box is labeled 'Commentator - dislike female commentators'; truth-in-labeling standards would dictate a different moniker: 'Pam Ward Complaint Box.'" [Washington Post; earlier]


Your Anchorman Spitting Up Coffee Interlude:

Safety first: "The NCAA football rules committee has proposed moving kickoffs from the 30-yard line to the 35 and to limit the running start by players on the kicking team to 5 yards as a way of keeping players safer. NCAA says its injury data indicates injuries during kickoffs occur more often than in other phases of the game." [AP]


The parade girl who wanted to see Sanchez isn't really a Giants fan: Couldn't see that coming. [Flopping Out]

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