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Doug and Jackie Christie's Love Will Bail Out America

This was released last week, but it's still incredibly amusing. The aggressively over-committed duo of former NBA'er Doug Christie and his wife Jackie are extending their gilded love to Wall Street, determined to jump-start the economy before the wilting stock market puts America into deeper financial turmoil. Through a pres release issued last Tuesday, the Christies vowed to purchase 3,000 shares of corporate stocks to help with the "AIG financial crisis" and ""have graciously used their star appeal to bring awareness to the issue." According to the WSJ, the Christies snagged their 3,000 shares of AIG, but also bought 1,000 shares of Apple and 1,000 shares Jackie Christie, speaks the truth: "We encourage all our fellow men and woman to buy at least two stocks to help with the global economic crisis. We want everyone to step up and help in any way that they can. This is a huge crisis we face, but together we can make a difference. Do not just sit by and watch." Or she will cut you... One NBA Star's plan for saving the U.S. Financial Market [WSJ]


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