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Doug Marrone Claims He's "So Pissed Off" At Not Reaching A Super Bowl That He's Never Watched One

Photo: Logan Bowles (Getty)

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone probably should have coached in the Super Bowl last season and, if he had, he would have witnessed his first Super Bowl action in, uh, over 40 years, somehow? Marrone told ESPN today that he didn’t watch last season’s Super Bowl, not even to scout for the Patriots this week (hmm), and that in fact he hasn’t watched a Super Bowl since he was “maybe 12 (what) because it’s too painful to watch a Super Bowl that he fell short of (cool).

Ahead of the 2018 AFC Championship Game, Marrone said that he hadn’t watched his boss Tom Coughlin’s two Super Bowl wins over the Patriots or any others. “I haven’t watched ’em. Seriously. If I’m not in a Super Bowl, I usually don’t watch it. Unless I have to,” he said. Today, Marrone added that the last time he watched one was “probably when I wasn’t coaching and I was allowed to gamble. Probably when I was like 12—when I had a little money on it.”


Imagine, if you will, grizzled preteen Doug Marrone betting big on the Raiders beating Minnesota in 1977—and then never watching football’s most legendary game for decades, even as he approached participation in one. Imagine caring about football so much that you can’t bring yourself to watch a dang Super Bowl.

“When you aspire to go there, and you’re not there, I just don’t want to go through the whole season again in my mind, and not being there,” Marrone said Wednesday on a conference call with New England media. “... I’m usually so pissed off, I can’t handle it.”

I don’t believe Doug Marrone.

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