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Illustration for article titled Doug ONeill, Trainer Of Ill Have Another, Will Be Suspended For Non-Ill Have Another Infraction

The California Racing Board has upheld a punishment of Doug O'Neill, trainer for Triple Crown hopeful I'll Have Another, in connection with an incident in a race nearly two years ago. In that case, Argenta, a horse trained by O'Neill, showed an overly high level of carbon dioxide in its blood. That's often associated with "milkshaking," the practice of giving the horse a baking-soda-and-electrolyte solution that increases performance.

The board found there was no evidence of milkshaking in Argenta, though it's not clear where the excess levels of carbon dioxide came from. O'Neill will be suspended for 45 days, but that won't begin until July 1 at the earliest. [AP, h/t NoirJuggling]


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