Doug Polk digs deep to net $200k win over Daniel Negreanu, shutting Dan Bilzerian up

This hand was a key moment for Doug Polk.
This hand was a key moment for Doug Polk.
Screenshot: DougPolkPoker (YouTube

Doug Polk stuck to his guns, stuck to his game plan and pulled off a $200,000 win over Daniel Negreanu to take the lead in the poker giants’ heads-up grudge match.


The duo played for the third day in a row on Friday, with the two completing 377 hands while two-tabling on Polk now leads by $26,000 over 3,799 hands in the competition, which is scheduled to go for 25,000. Negreanu had won four of the previous five matches to take a $179,000 lead, and the railbirds were second-guessing Polk, with even Dan Bilzerian taking the opportunity to talk trash.

Polk’s strategy of putting in tons of money on the river definitely paid off in session 9, coolering Negreanu in spots, like the rivered full house vs. turned straight shown above, or forcing many folds.

Their next meeting on the virtual felt is scheduled for Monday.

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