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Down Went Boxer Iran Barkley, And Down He Keeps Going

In better times, Iran "The Blade" Barkley was whooping Tommy Hearns, keeping 40 large in cash in his closet and spending his winnings on "a custom Mercedes, shiny jewelry and fur coats." These most certainly aren't better times.


Seems as if the guy who beat the Hitman really took a hit, man. From the NY Post ...

Barkley, 50, steps into the dim hotel lobby wearing his hopelessness. He's dressed in faded, baggy jeans and a fraying sweater. A wool hat covers his head. Gray stubble covers his unshaven face.

Over breakfast of eggs and grits, he caustically relates that a niece tossed him out of their three-bedroom apartment in the Patterson Houses project on Third Avenue and 142nd Street in The Bronx, where his mother, Georgia, raised him. ...

He's sold two of his championship belts, and his precious middleweight belt is lost, possibly stolen.

Right now, the only souvenir of his boxing is a swollen bulge of flesh above his left eye.

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