Drake Athletic Trainer Says He Was Fired For Peeing In Tub Even Though He Immediately Cleaned It

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Drake University’s head athletic trainer says he was fired in September after he peed into a tub, cleaned it, and told the athletic director.

Scott Kerr, who worked for the school for 31 years, said that he had a medical condition which required him to drink a lot of water and, in turn, pee a lot. On Aug. 29, the 61-year-old was alone cleaning a metal whirlpool when he needed to pee. Kerr’s attorney Jerry Crawford said that Kerr decided to pee in the tub since he wouldn’t make it to a bathroom, then scrubbed the tub with bleach to clean it.


Kerr later divulged what had happened to athletic director Sandy Hatfield Clubb—why he would share this with anyone if he cleaned up after himself is inexplicable—but not only did Clubb disapprove, she allegedly told Kerr that he should have peed himself instead, like she once did. Via WHO TV:

“The Athletic Director recounted a story where she herself urinated in her pants in an airport while on Drake business and told me I should have done the same thing,” said Kerr. “When I heard that story I was very confused, embarrassed, and I didn’t know quite how to react to that story,” said Kerr.

“The Athletic Director said to Scott that if he had urinated in his pants instead of in a metal container, he would still be there because that’s what she did at an airport,” said Crawford. “That’s as shocking as anything in this case,” he said.


The school fired Kerr on Sept. 2 and offered him a one-month severance package. He has reportedly filed a formal complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.


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