Draymond defends Andrew Wiggins' anti-vaxx position

Meanwhile we pass 700,000 Americans dead due to COVID, so everything is going just great

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No, no... shut it.
No, no... shut it.
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Remember at the beginning of the pandemic, when things happened like Steph Curry interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci? How good of an example that was of basketball’s cultural importance, and being able to bring important public health information to the people?

Well, now we’ve come to the part of the program where Draymond Green defends the decision of his idiot teammate Andrew Wiggins not to get vaccinated against the virus that has now killed 700,000 Americans, more than the population of Washington, D.C.


“I’m not gonna go and ask him: Did he get a polio vaccine?” Green said.

You don’t have to ask whether he got a polio vaccine because of course he got a polio vaccine. Everybody got a polio vaccine! It’s required to do little things like... go to school. And that’s WHY WE DON’T HAVE POLIO ANYMORE.


The past 18 months have been horrendous, but also incredibly stupid. There’s a reason that the vaccine is in demand around the world, and that all the rich and powerful people (with brains in their heads, anyway) have gotten vaxxed.

It’s because the vaccine, which can no longer be called “experimental,” saves lives. The data is in. Everyone who’s “doing their own research” can stop. Unvaccinated people get way sicker in way higher numbers. Enough already.


Wherein author does not bite on headline writer’s dare

Last week in this space, the words, “Next week, we pick the whole damn slate,” appeared, and that was a lie. The college football picks herein are for entertainment purposes only, based entirely on feelings, and the only feeling associated with making picks for every single game, then going back and checking who covered the spread, is painful boredom.


Another feeling is relief, because fifth-ranked Iowa absolutely throttled previously undefeated Maryland, 51-14, on Friday night, and had that game been on Saturday afternoon, I totally would’ve taken the Terps to pull the upset. Now the Hawkeyes go home for a huge game next week against Penn State, and I don’t know what to think at all, because it’s Iowa at home with an opportunity to derail a promising Penn State season, but it’s also Iowa with high hopes for itself and a clear path to the Big Ten title game.

But that’s next week. Let’s throw out some picks for this week…

Texas -4 at TCU

No. 8 Arkansas +16.5 at No. 2 Georgia

No. 3 Oregon -7.5 at Stanford

No. 11 Ohio State -15 at Rutgers

UTSA -21 vs. UNLV

No. 4 Penn State -12.5 vs. Indiana

Last week: 3-3

Season: 9-5