Drew Henson, Man Of Many Ugly Hats

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Has there ever been an athlete more consistently overconsidered, for such an extended period of time, as Drew Henson? The guy has been all potential, zero performance; he's Ryan Leaf, except he did it in two sports ... and he wasn't very good in college either.

In college, of course, people kept trying to bench Tom Brady for him. Then he made millions to play baseball for the Yankees, despite being horrible. Then he gave up on that, was drafted by the Texans, traded to the Cowboys ... and sucked again. As The Realests point out, the guy who replaced him at Michigan, the much maligned John Navarre, has a better NFL job right now than he does.


And now, for once and for all, Henson very well might be out of football. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells says he's seen enough; he announced that he won't be on the roster this year.

We're not very good at math, but Henson has now flopped out on huge contracts in two different sports with two of the most prestigious athletic franchises on Earth. Thanks for playing, Drew!


"How do you sleep at night, Drew Henson?"
"On top of a big pile of money with many beautiful ladies."

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