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We don't know about you, but when we want the latest in online sports interviews, we brush right past and The Sporting News and head over to The 700 Club. Yep, Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network has a sports section, which includes inspirational tales from the NFL, Major League Baseball and, of course, pro wrestling.

It's difficult to tell if these folks have just wandered over for a chat or are full-fledged members of the 700 Club. At any rate, if Roberston is, as many claim, just out there selling crazy, many pro athletes seem to be buying — by association, at least. Witness (and we love the headlines the best):

Morgan Ensberg: Three Strikes, You're Saved (this should put a definitive end to those "is he Jewish or not?" questions, by the way)
Shaun Alexander: Running Back For Jesus
Jeff Hazuga: Blessed From the Bench


And this, an excerpt from Danny Wuerffel: The Quarterback With a Servant's Heart:

While everyone around him was awed by his talent and promise, Danny realized his need for a Savior and decided to surrender his life completely to Jesus Christ.

Not to mention surrendering to opposing NFL defenses, which sacked him 52 times for 362 yards in losses over a sterling 25-game career. Thanks a bunch for that, Christ.

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