Drunk Lady Took Golf Cart To CVS To Buy A Scarecrow And Bottle Of Canadian Mist

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Some narc motorist in Chesterton, Ind. saw a 57-year-old lady named Jacqueline Hamilton swerving all over the road in a golf cart Wednesday night. He tried to intervene on society's behalf with some real talk, "but she wasn't very polite to him." As such, law was contacted.

By the time police arrived, Hamilton was walking out of the store carrying a large scarecrow and a bottle of Canadian Mist whiskey, Chesterton, Ind. Police Capt. George Nelson said. "She had a hard time walking out of the business." ...

An officer approached her and asked her what she was doing, and Hamilton answered that she had just bought Halloween decorations for her grandchildren. Then she was asked about the whiskey.

"She said she was going to light a fire in the fireplace and drink some," Nelson said. "She was honest about it."

Hamilton initially said she only had a few drinks but later said she had already consumed 10 drinks, said Nelson. ... Hamilton registered .093 on a portable breath test but the officer did not try to give her a full field sobriety test because "the officer was afraid she would hurt herself," said Nelson. ...

The golf cart was turned over to her husband.

The case of the golf cart, the scarecrow and the bottle of whiskey [WGN] (H/T Disco Choo)

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