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"Dude, Look What You Did To Your Knee!"

Indiana's return to glory was sidetracked last night when leading scorer Maurice Creek dislocated his knee cap. The response from his teammates was not exactly helpful.

Sophomore Tom Pritchard (25) was just confused, while guard Verdell Jones (12) had to turn away, disgusted by Cheek's lack of effort. Derek Elston, on the other hand, could not resist poking the injury while repeatedly saying, "Why did you do that to yourself? Why did you dislocate your knee cap like that? My finger is not in your face. It's in the giant hole where your knee cap used to connect to your femur!" (Elston's kind of a bully.)


Meanwhile, the promising freshman star is now out for the rest of the season and the state of Indiana is predictably glum. The silver lining is that if you look closely at the high resolution version of this photo—brilliantly taken by Chris Howell of The Bloomington Herald-Times, you can see the indentation where Creek's leg is no longer connected properly. One last horrific injury for the road.

Man, this year needs to end.

Indiana Photo Gallery [Herald Times]
Maurice Creek leaves with left knee injury, done for season [Inside The Hall]


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Since you're dying to know: Temple is leading the EagleBank Bowl, but like a resistant bacterial infection, UCLA refuses to die. I hope the tens of fans who showed up packed extra mittens.


Sorry, there's no late shift tonight—the EagleBank does funny things to people—but thank you, anyway, for your continued support of Holiday Deadspin Express. Eat hearty tonight.

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