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Dude, Where's My Stick?

What happens when a Boston Bruins fan (in other words, drunk) tries to steal Alexei Kovalev's stick? See below for the Solomon-like result.

Somehow, Kovalev's stick popped through a photographer's shooting hole (hey, the terminology is theirs, not mine), during Game 1 of the Bruins' playoff series with Montreal. The Canadiens' right wing tried valiantly to save it, but the stick broke, with each man retaining a piece. Then the Canadiens lost, 4-2. OK, the stick just didn't go through by itself, as we can see below, the guy reached in and grabbed it. There was an empty-net goal, a skirmish broke out, and the Bruins fan took advantage of the chaos to engage in a little theft. The whole thing was wicked wee-id.


"Gimme that stick, it's MAYAN!"

Let's go to the videotape.

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