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Duke Blue Devils

1. The Crazies Are Slipping. Real purists will say they haven't been the same since Terry Sanford's "Avuncular Letter", which stopped the days of say, coating a court in panties to greet sexual-assault accused Herman Veal. But campus debate about the Crazies' role has intensified in recent years, with increased restriction on tenting dates (and quiet but persistent talk of a points system for tickets), "cheersheets" (already anathema to hardcore fans) falling victim to a hustle by the hated Maryland fanbase and the revocation of bonfire permits after the 2005 UNC game. It's gotten to the point that nothing is sacred: A student was kicked from the Carolina tenting line this year for attempting to sell his spot on Craigslist.

2. Martynas Pocius Won't Be Flicking Anybody Off Anytime Soon. Or not with his left hand, at least. The Lithuanian freshman, who hasn't seen much playing time this season, only has four fingers on that hand, thus assuring that Inigo Montoya won't have any chance of mistaking him for the man who killed his father.

3. What Can You Do With A Duke Degree? OK, maybe writing is out of the question. Geno Auriemma has famously suggested waiting tables. But if you're former Duke captain, two-sport player and erstwhile non-drafted Packer/Cowboy Reggie Love, you move up the coast: He's currently serving as a staff assistant for Democratic senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama. I guess they figure that if he can handle the shaming he famously got at a party in Chapel Hill, he can handle the rigors of the Capitol. Networking is everything, huh? — Matt DeTura


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