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Dumb-As-Hell Hip-Hop-Themed Restaurant Menu Wasn't The Hottest Idea

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"Thug rice," man. "Thug rice." They literally dyed some rice black and called it "thug rice."

That image up there comes from the menu for the "East Coast vs. West Coast: Biggie & Tupac Tribute Dinner" planned for February 2 at Graffiato, an Italian restaurant in D.C. Behold its dumb badness. Lo, gaze upon its clumsy, oafish racism. Tremble 'neath its basura puns!

"Wu-Tangy dressing." Christ.

As you might guess, and as the City Paper demonstrates, this stupid idea has not been a hit for Graffiato or proprietor Mike Isabella. After some eminently predictable and well-deserved social-media backlash, the menu's been scrubbed from the restaurant's website; Isabella says it's "still a work in progress." I'll bet! OK guys, for the next draft, let's only alienate 97 percent of all the people on earth.


Listen. Restaurateurs. Menu designers. Countrymen. Quit it.

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