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Eddie, a sea otter at the Oregon Zoo, died this morning, as reported by the Oregonian. He was 20, a remarkably old age for otters, which usually live to be around 15. His main pastimes were dunking a little ball into a hoop, and blowing himself.

A clip of Eddie dunking a ball into a hoop became popular when the zoo posted the video in 2013. This wasn’t just for show: The otter performed this exercise to work out his arthritic elbows. As for the purpose behind excessively licking his own genitals—well, he probably liked it.

The Oregonian made sure to confirm that Eddie was the specific otter at the zoo with those skills:

While the zoo has other otters, an Oregon Zoo spokesperson confirmed Thursday, “yes, that was Eddie who displayed so much ‘confidence’ in front of zoo guests.”

Many Oregon Zoo guests will remember Eddie for his many fascinating talents. While the zoo still has two sea otters, Lincoln and Juno, the otter tank won’t be the same without Eddie.


It surely won’t.


H/t to Spencer Hall


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