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Dwyane Wade Playing Defense Is A Mess

What you are watching is essentially 12 minutes of Dwyane Wade ambling around the court like a video game character who's been abandoned by his player. All the footage is from this year's NBA Finals series against the Spurs and it's pretty ugly for Wade.

When he's not switching off plays, he almost seems lost. Wade is 32 years old with a 75-year-old's knees, but at times he looks like he also got the 75-year-old's quaint senility, just out on the court watchin' shit happen. When he's actually involved and aware of his surroundings, Boris Diaw blows past him. All of which is exacerbated and exploited by the Spurs, who have been putting on a ball-movement clinic this whole postseason.


Update: The video has just been removed so you're going to have to trust us, and hope someone uploads it again.

Update II: It's back!

h/t @DylanTMurphy

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