Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside was ejected from last night's game against the Celtics after plowing straight through Celtics center Kelly Olynyk for no good reason, earning himself a one-game suspension. After the game, Dwyane Wade sounded like a man who is losing patience with Whiteside:

Whiteside's been a big pile of found money for the Heat so far this season, but he's been ejected twice in the last week for wrasslin' with an opposing center. This is the kind of stuff that apparently kept Whiteside out of the league for the last two seasons, which is probably why Wade is so het up about him going demolition derby on Olynyk. The Heat are still fighting for a playoff spot, and they're going to need Whiteside to stop tackling dudes and keep channeling Bill Russell if they want to have any chance at snatching that eighth seed.


Aside from all that, Whiteside's not really rich enough to be causing this much ruckus: