Eagles’ Jason Kelce Cuts An Incredible, Profane Promo At The Super Bowl Parade

Jason Kelce—dressed in a Mummers outfit from the Avalon String Band—delivered an absolutely bonkers five-minute promo at the Eagles’ victory parade. He talked about team executive Howie Roseman losing his power struggle with Chip Kelly, called Ringer doofus Mike Lombardi a “clown,” sarcastically listed off a bunch of his teammates’ weaknesses including that some people thought “Lane Johnson couldn’t stay off the juice,” said if he didn’t eat breakfast he gets “fuckin’ pissed off,” then said “fuck” some more and ended with the “No one likes us, we don’t care” song.


It would be hard to top Chase Utley’s “World Fucking Champions” after the 2008 World Series victory, but this might’ve done it.

[NBC Sports Philadelphia]