I guess going to a store and trying on a shoe to see how it feels or looks on your foot before you actually buy it is officially a thing of the past — no matter how insane that concept is. And as someone who has participated in online shopping for years, I get it. However, shoes are different. There’s nothing like seeing that sales associate coming out of the back room carrying the pair you want in your size. I know, I used to work at a Nike store. “Got ‘Em” can’t compare.


In the River North/Gold Coast area of Downtown Chicago, there’s a sneaker store called Endless Supply. With the recent demise of Eastbay and Foot Locker, local businesses like this one will become our only option for in-store sneaker shopping — just without the employees in referee shirts as a uniform. Just because aging makes you nostalgic, it doesn’t mean the things of yesterday you longed for aren’t still needed.