It looks like Corso is responding to the sign! We added arrows and ovals, because someone asked us too. Hope they help with sign visibility—if not, look closer.

And Yet No Shared Milkshakes

SEC, This Is What A Library Looks Like, Also It's Cold In October And Our Football Team Isn't Great

So Stanford Kids Funnel Books Into Their Asses?


Notre Dame Students Sure Do Know Their Memes

From Left to Right: No It's Not, I Guess You Are, I Sincerely Doubt That


rick rEilly hateS puPpies and Santa

Maybe The Most Family-Friendly Gameday Sign Ever



Top-Notch Reilly Trolling


A Solid Month

"Nuns > Nunes" Is Good, But "Notre Dame Is Cool" And "We Love Sports" Win The Day In My Book


Lee Corso looks like a creepy leprechaun. Unrelated: he put on a green suit and did a jig today: