Eight Wake Forest Football Players Have Been Suspended For Marijuana Use In The Past Two Weeks

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Six last week, two this week, five of them starters, one consensus Freshman All-America selection from last year (CB Merrill Noel), and the team's second leading rusher in Deandre Martin.

From the Winston-Salem Journal's report on today's suspensions:

Coach Jim Grobe of Wake Fores thas suspended two players indefinitely for what he termed a violation of athletics department policy.

Although Grobe did not reveal the infractions, both players, Duran Lowe and Devin Bolling, were arrested by the Winston-Salem Police Department on Oct. 9. Lowe was charged with possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana, and Bolling was charged with possession of marijuana.

[...] Six Wake Forest players, cornerback Merrill Noel, linebacker Mike Olson, safety Daniel Mack, offensive guard Frank Souza, running back Deandre Martin and wide receiver Airyn Willis, were suspended for theMarylandgame for what Grobe described as a violation of athletics department policy. Multiple sources said that the six were suspended after testing positive for marijuana during a random substance abuse test.

The first six have already been reinstated, so now a few more players just need to get suspended by the time these two new suspensions come back, then the same thing next week, and like, think about it, man: you'll never run out of excuses for losing to Duke. Woah.

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