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Eli Manning Has A Hard Time Meeting Girls

We don't listen to the radio much — we're too busy with Meat Loaf and REO Speedwagon on an endless iPod loop — so we missed this little tidbit from the Opie and Anthony "show." Some guy named Jason Itzler, who used to run the NY Confidential "escort" service, was a guest on the show, and the hosts asked him to out a celebrity client. He came up with a most peculiar name.

Jason left us with these helpful hints: one of his former clients is a famous New York area quarterback with a brother who may have been in the Superbowl recently.


We wish we could be surprised by this, but if little Eli isn't paying for sex, ain't nobody paying for sex. Sadly, we doubt there was actual sex; we just imagine young Eli being cradled as he wept, softly, about all the mean men who keep making him play football when he obviously would rather be doing arts and crafts, or something.

Eli Manning Pays For Sex [Girls Gone Sports]

(By the way, that picture is from the President's Council On Physical Fitness. Man, nobody wants to work for the administration anymore.)

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