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It's a happy day here at Deadspin headquarters: Former Cardinals closer Bruce Sutter has made the Hall of Fame. He was the only player elected to the Hall; Goose Gossage and others (including, unfortunately, Willie McGee) did not make it in.

Sutter threw the final pitch of the last St. Louis Cardinals team to win a World Series, in 1982, striking out Gorman Thomas. (There is a video out there, hopefully not on the Internet, of a 12-year-old version of us broadcasting this very moment over highlights; we screamed with a most high pitch.) Sutter pioneered the split-fingered fastball, as well as the closer-centric technique of housing woodland animals in one's facial hair.

Baseball Hall Of Fame [Official Site]

(Full ballot results are here. Jim Rice finished in second place; McGee's off the ballot now, dagnabit. But hey, Walt Weiss got a vote.)