You know how when you're in the middle of a video game and you save at one point, keep on playing, only to realize you messed something up and go reload from your last save? Well, UEFA is pretty much doing the same thing to rectify a referee's error late in a women's U19 Euro Championship qualifying match.

Last Saturday, England lost to Norway 2-1 in a U19 Euros qualifier. However, deep into stoppage time, the Three Lions were awarded a penalty. As you can see in the video above, an England player scored the would-be equalizing spot kick, but not before a teammate came barging into the box.


Instead of ordering the kick to be retaken because of the encroachment, the referee instead gave Norway a free kick. The Norwegians played out the final seconds without incident and ended the match victorious.

After the game, the English FA made a stink about the whole debacle, and a replay at the moment of the penalty (which happened in the 96th minute) was settled upon. Later today, the two sides will conclude the match, which will basically consist of taking the penalty and waiting for the ref to blow the whistle. It's a little strange, but better than nothing.