As if enough shame and scorn has not been heaped on the English side today, word comes out of South Africa that they were also robbed during their too-brief visit. Fortunately, justice there is swift and exacting. Unlike Wayne Rooney.

Police announced today that staff at the resort hotel where England slept and trained took some cash, souvenirs, and even underwear from members of the national team. Of course, it was only £500 in cash so all three of those things could have just been a single pair of David Beckham's drawers. Luckily, the players did get their stuff back, so it's sort of like another tie!

Even more startling than the crime, however, is that the five accused parties—all members of the hotel staff—have already been arrested, tried and convicted of their crimes by a special "World Cup court" set up exclusively for the tournament. Just one day after the crime was reported, they were all sentenced to three years in prison. Eat your heart out, Guantanamo Bay!

But in one final insult to the Three Lions, the football shirt that was lifted in the heist did not belong to them. It was a U.S. jersey given to one of the players after their match. That's cold blooded.


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