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The entity known only as SeminFace sends along this pic of a fan confident in his Capitals, but less confident about his spelling. But his aborted homemade sign raises the question of when exactly he decided to give up. Was it when he noticed there wasn't enough room to finish "endangered species?" Was it when he realized he spelled "endangered" with an M? "Panthers" without an H? I say none of the above, because he still hasn't noticed "are."

My girlfriend just said to me: "Are you sure you want to post this? There might be something wrong with this guy, mentally. Charities give those people blocks of seats all the time. Just think about it before you post." Well, I'm thinking about it, and I'm posting it anyway.

A more persuasive sign, though less effective on the final score, is this one from reader Thomas at last night's ASU/USC game. But I don't think most of the country needs to put things in perspective in order to hate the Trojans.



A happy and healthy Sunday to all of you out there in Internet land. Just a reminder, our evolution didn't hinge on passivity.