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Photo: David Zalubowski (AP)

The Rockies were already down one run late in Thursday’s game, and then some doofuses behind home plate had to go ahead and motivate Enrique Hernandez to put them in a deeper hole. Bad idea!

With the Dodgers up 9-8 in the top of the ninth, Hernandez came on as a pinch-hitter to capitalize on the runners at second and third. While he was still on the on-deck circle, a group of fans had been heckling him, the gist of the heckles being that Hernandez was short. He’s listed at 5-foot-11, which might be generous, but he’s not Pedroia-sized. The accuracy of the taunts is irrelevant, though, because they were also ineffective.


Hernandez thwacked a three-run shot off Wade Davis and gave the Dodgers a 12-8 lead that they wouldn’t relinquish. Then, after he rounded the bases, he blew his fans some kisses. Mwah!

Yankees podcaster @Jomboy_, who does these baseball film breakdowns regularly with solid results, helpfully guided us through the schadenfreude:

Aw. They were thrilled to be punked.

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