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Epic Beard Man Talks About "The Fight", And Many, Many Other Things

Here's an interview with Tom Slick himself, where he provides an expletive-laced background to the infamous bus battle, possibly confesses to numerous felonies, and speaks on several other topics that make you question whether he should be speaking on camera.


It's pretty much just the animated-yet-coherent declarations of a man with some serious mental issues, but it's impossible to look away. At various points, Tom compares his fighting style to that of Muhammad Ali, breaks down about his recently deceased mother, goes into detail about his criminal and military past, and sends an anti-war message to President Obama (and a diss to President Bush). But the absolute money line is his response to the question, "with all this happening, what's your message to people?"

Don't fuck with old senior citizens, they'll surprise you once in a while. You might beat them once in a while, but they're going to get you every once in a while, [they're] gonna come up and hurt you.


Thanks to reader Jeff for the tip.


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