Eric Karros Wants You To Know He Finds Erin Andrews Hot

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We know it's somewhat of a popular parlor game to rank the attractiveness of female sideline reporters, and it makes a modicum of sense, considering the job of sideline reporter isn't inherently, you know, demanding.

But we still have sympathy for the Erin Andrews of the world, if just because no matter what they do, no matter where they are, no matter how much work they might put in ... to their male colleagues, they're pretty much still just a skirt.


Witness this report from last night's Little League World Series game broadcasted by Andrews and Eric Karros.

Erin Andrews was doing a bit piece about an injured player who was hurt playing ping pong. She throws it back to Brent Musberger and Eric Karros, and Musberger talks about Kirk Gibson and how memorable that was. Karros replies, "Yeah, I think all of these boys will have something to remember with Erin Andrews." Musburger responds, "yeah," and is followed by 15-20 seconds of silence. It seems Karros is trying a little to hard to replace a former Mariners legend.


That's, of course, entirely inappropriate for a live television broadcast. And yet we do kind of think those 12-year-olds are indeed going to remember Andrews forever.