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Erin Andrews Continues Her Slow But Steady Takeover Of Corporate America

Thanks to her enormous popularity with both the sports blogerati and the Sutcliffe set, America's sideline princess Erin Andrews is now getting some added income as a spokesperson. Recently EA was part of that weird Gillette "Rookie Reporter Showdown" campaign where she did her best to un-tongue-tie wannabe sports reporters and give them a chance to meet her in person. Now, EA has hitched her shiny wagon to a company called "Replay Photos" which sells digitally restored sports photos from various schools. The ad features Andrews decked out in interchangeable collegiate gear, holding a picture frame, with a DMV-level smile and Barbie head tilt. There are plenty of big time schools in Replay's archives, but noticeably absent is Andrews' alma mater, the University of Florida. I'd imagine Andrews will have more and more opportunities like this thrown at her, but I'd be curious to see what she turns down. I'm sure some enterprising young sandwich makers threw a bunch of money at her at one point. ******* Tonight: Do that thing you usually do on a Tuesday before you make sweet, sweet love to the couch. I'll be saying farewell to Yankee Stadium with the floppy-haired Midwestern boy who used to captain the Deadspin ship. Tomorrow: Eh, nothing too exciting. Just stop by and I'll let you know what's going on once we get there. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin in '08. Now go Skeets yourself.


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