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These fellas know how to work the sidelines. Here's their email report from the evening.

So at the UNC-Kentucky game covered by ESPN, my buddies rushed the court following the ass whipping to get a picture with ya girl Erin Andrews. Rumors are swirling around the UNC campus about a late night she had with Bobby Frasor. I know, I didn't believe it either, but apparently that's the word from a guy whom he, Ginyard, and Hansbrough share a house with. Anyway, sendin the picture along and be sure to check out Graham (guy on left) and his nice little wrap around on Andrews. I'm not in the picture, I got an offer to go, but the next to last episode of the Shield was on and UNC dorms don't have dvr.

We'll ignore that rumor about Erin Andrews and Bobby Frasor. It was probably just a nice, friendly evening they spent together. Besides — it's much too cold from them to go pool-jumping together.