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The world waits in rapt funeral amazement September 11, when we'll see Erin Andrews props herself on the important chair with Oprah Winfrey to share her horrifying tale of peepdom with America's Mom Nation. A summary of her appearance.

Andrews said the whole experience was a "nightmare" and she "opened up the computer (and) could feel my heart pounding." She also said that the peephole coverage escalated on, you know, dastardly websites devoid of human emotion, she" just felt like I was continuing to be victimized. I did nothing wrong,"


Heavens to Betsy. But she's back on the sidelines this Thursday night for NC State South Carolina and will be closely monitored by ESPN bodyguards. So don't you hillbillies try any funny reach-around grip poses with her or you might get tazed.

And look — ESPN has finally addressed "her story".

Erin Andrews To Oprah — Nude Video Was A Nightmare [AP]

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